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Stephen Lapeyrouse

Welcome to the new, reconstructed, bilingual English-Russian website of Stephen Lapeyrouse “an American’s Reflections” where you can read and download my essays, articles, journal extracts, interviews, and books, in English, and (an increasing number in) Russian.

If you want to find out more about my life – please consider this sketch and you may glimpse my story through the photo album.

On this page you will find a complete list of my essays and articles in chronological order (most of them were published in the independent Russian educational magazine English of the First of September publishing house under the rubric American Reflections).

Here you can read interviews, including the series “Russian-American Dialogue” with Tatyana Morozova published in the Russian journal Moskva in 1994-1998 (in Russian only, and actually more a written dialogue put together by my Russian colleague).

On this page you can download, or read on-line, my Romantic-idealistic 1990 book Towards the Spiritual Convergence of America and Russia and the 2015 collection of essays The Search for the “American Dream”. The texts are available for download in 4 formats: Word Document, fb2, epub, mobi.

Please note that all pages of this new, bilingual site have two versions, and that you are able to switch from English to Russian (and vice versa) by one click on the “English/Русский” menu button. You are welcome to send any comments, questions and suggestions to my e-mail:

Stephen Lapeyrouse

May 29, 2015, Moscow

NB: This website is the appreciated result of the interest, enthusiasm and labor of Constantin Kuznetsov who keeps on translating my texts into Russian. He is responsible for the design and structure of this website; I for its main contents.